23 July 2006

bikes are good

Recently I decided to commit to using my bicycle as a means of commuting around town. Now, for those of you who don't know me very well, I live in the avenues of SLC.... ie, the damn steep hills on the north end of town. I feel like Evil Kenevil when I'm riding down them, and Lance Armstrong when I am on my way up them to return home.

Okay. I really don't feel *just like* Lance Armstrong.

I still have both of my testicles.

One thing does worry me though, is the very real possibility of losing one of them in a crash on the way down said hill... which, I pray to God every day, doesn't happen.

In my short time as a newbie in the avid cyclist world, I have learned a few things:

1. The avenues are really steep.
2. I'm pretty sure Brigham Young ordered his least favorite people to settle in what would become the aves.
3. The view of the city from above memory Grove Park, on the 11the ave "horse shoe route" is breathtaking at night.
4. Red lights are optional if nobody is comming from the other way... very quickly.
5. I understand the whole spandex idea now. Biker shorts are the garment that everyone loves to hate. Sorry everyone, but I get it now. It's called total freedom of movement. Try riding your bike up these God-forsaken hills in denim shorts in humid, 100 degree weather. They stick to you and create pedaling resistance. After a few blocks of pumping up these hills, you begin longing for every last bit of efficiency you can squeeze from all parts of your bike, your body, and your clothing.
6. Efficiency becomes king. No more trips to the grocery store "just because I think I need something". NO. You wait to go to the store until it is undeniably clear that life will cease to exist unless a store trip is made.
7. stay away from old people in cadillacs. We bikers are worth a lot of "points" to them, apparently.
8. I've gained a new appreciation for how gross car exhaust is.
9. The city tap water is much more palatable after a 10 mile ride in 100 degree weather.
10. I have a new appreciation for a few of life's simple pleasures: mp3 players, gatorade, and cool evening breezes.

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